A Letter To Republicans

Dear Republicans,

Are there any among you who are shamed by the blatant assault on democracy and social norms exercised by your representatives in Raleigh, NC last week?  Having lost a closely contested race for governor last month, the Republican led legislature called a special session to pass legislation that severely limits the power of the incoming Democratic governor.  At what point will you stand and say no to your party leaders who show no respect for any boundaries in their quest to gain and maintain power?  Remaining silent in the face of these actions and robotically giving them your vote during elections are nothing less than endorsements of the same.

A similar pattern portends to unfold on the national stage.  Donald Trump used a distasteful misogynistic and xenophobic campaign of resentment and fear on his way to the presidency.   He infamously quipped during the primary that he could shoot someone on the streets of New York and not lose any votes.  That comment may have been nothing more than a rhetorical exaggeration but the sentiment is emblematic of the insanely partisan times in which we live.

This democracy can exist only as long as its leaders do not pervert the law and violate accepted social norms to their own nefarious goals.  If all people of good will, Democrats and Republicans, are not willing to condemn these actions then we are all doomed.

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