Trump Fatigue

I’ve been away for a while suffering from “Trump Fatigue”.   Civil Rights champion Fanny Lou Hamer’s oft quoted remark “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired” is quite appropriate for this situation.  It was my sincere intention to write about the Republicans in the NC legislature making a cynical push for a US constitutional convention to restrict federal interference in state issues while, at the same time, they are enacting laws like HB2, changing the city council structure of Greensboro and attempted takeover of the Asheville water system.   But no sooner than I can begin to refocus, here come another bombshell intended to destroy the work for which Ms. Hamer and so many others have fought and died.  Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, our new Attorney General and chief protector of our constitutional rights has unabashedly begun his quest to “Make America Great Again” by returning us to a time when that was true for him and people like him.  What a country!

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  1. I am quite fatigued also. I won’t be watching the spectacle tonight.
    I am suffering from whiplash of being jerked around everyday. I don’t envy the media having to cover it all.

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