Holding Enablers Accountable

It seems that every day we are confronted with a new outrage from our president.  One day he’s accusing the former president of illegally wiretapping him while he was a candidate, the next day defending a serial misogynist, the day after that, congratulating foreign leader on anti-democratic actions or outright killings of drug suspects.  Throw in the lies, faux pas, seeming ignorance of history and childish response via tweets to criticism and you get a view of the last 100 days in America.  All this is going on while in the background we have an ongoing FBI investigation into his campaign’s connection with the Russian interference in our election and his continued conflicts with his businesses and refusing to disclose the extent of his business connections with foreign entities.

If this was a description of a Democratic president impeachment proceedings will be well under way or at least a dozen active congressional committee investigations.  Remember Benghazi?  Our president is the consummate con man that refuses to deal with reality.  He constantly distracts attention and focus by doing or saying any outrageous thing.  Absent conclusive evidence that he knowingly colluded with the Russians with the hacking of the DNC and strategically releasing cherry picked information that would damage his opponent he will never admit responsibility.  Therefore, it is incumbent on the American people to hold his enablers responsible.

His enablers are the congressional Republicans who hold majorities in both houses.  They have the constitutional duty to safeguard our democracy.  Under normal circumstances one should expect congressional delegations to generally support a president of their own party but congressional legislators have a higher responsibility to their country.  They have a responsibility to take seriously the possibility that the president colluded with a foreign government to influence an election.  They have a responsibility to enforce the emoluments clause in the constitution to ensure that the president is acting in the best interest of the nation and not his personal businesses.  They have the responsibility to ensure that our government continues to be a source of stability in the world and remain a staunch believer in democratic principles worldwide.  They should move forward vigorously with investigations into the president and those around him with suspicious foreign connections.  They should stop blocking attempts to reveal his financial indebtedness to foreign and/or criminal individuals.

Republicans have been so invested in the political wars for the past 30 years or more that they have lost their way.  They have forgotten that their primary role is to govern not to win ideological battles over Democrats.  Honestly, some Democrats need to be reminded of that duty as well.  But overall, they haven’t lost their souls as it appears the Republicans have.  We need to hold them responsible for whatever happens.


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  1. I am so burnt out on the Trump’s shenanigans I can’t think anymore, and maybe that is Trump’s and the Republican party’s strategy. Bombard us with scandal after scandal but don’t do anything about it that we become weary and just tune it all out giving them cart blanche to carry out their agenda. And when we wake up again it is too late, we are no longer in the United States of America but in some dictatorship with no rights. Who else feels this way? Who else want to WTF!!!!!!!

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