Why Comey, Why Now?

The seeming out of the blue firing of FBI Director Comey fits a consistent pattern of President 45 to keep the news media distracted by a new outrage before the previous one can be explored to any depth.  The stated reasons for the firing, the mishandling of the Clinton email investigation last summer, which cited many of the same criticism that many Democrats and former Justice department officials leveled at Director Comey at the time, seems sophomoric in its attempt to deflect criticism given that he praised Comey’s action to reopen the investigation in October, just prior to election day.  While there is general consensus that the Director’s action to violate Justice Department guidelines had undue influence on the election, the question remains, “Why now?”

A little thought reveals the most probable reason.  Comey had erred in his judgement but he is seen by most as a principled person.  Having broken internal Department of Justice guidelines about publicly discussing evidence when no prosecution is planned he would reasonably be expected to do the same regardless of the findings in the Russian investigation.  In short, Comey was a wild card that the president and his enablers could not control.  Given the delays and lack of enthusiasm on the part of Republicans, it is likely that all direct evidence of collusion between the president and the Russians have been covered up and if the worst occurs someone in their organization is prepared to “take the fall” if necessary.  Removing Comey will increase the probability that little circumstantial evidence, including his financial ties to Russian oligarchs, will become public.

We have all been treating the president as a bumbling idiot but he a ruthless tyrant and he will continue to exercise the power of his office to his own benefit until his enablers, the Republicans, decide that protecting the country and our way of life is more important than their control of congress.

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  1. I can’t argue with your comments and am continually amazed by the actions of the White House. The second surprise for me is that the Democrats seem to not have much of a positive response to all this stuff, nor any reasonable strategy to address the problem. I’ve been spending most of my time trying to come up with an explanation for Trumps behavior. My hypothesis is that he has always behaved like this. He has no agenda, no ideology and probably isn’t even a Republican. During his life (including as President), he pursued fame and fortune by keeping his name in the news and then taking advantage of opportunities that came along as a result. For Trump, the important issue was to get your name in the news as often as possible, with the goal of creating a name that is easily recognized by the public. This allowed him to sell Trump Steaks, Trump University, Trump clothing, Trump hotels, Trump golf courses, the Celebrity Apprentice TV series, etc. Other perks are owing a private plane (a really big one with gold trim), having ready access to bimbos who are usually 20 (or more) years younger than he is). The presidency is just another opportunity for this guy. Think how much those hundreds of pass-through companies he controls will benefit from a reduction in the business tax from 35% to 15% , or how the Trump hotel chain (especially the DC Trump operation) will benefit from all those foreign politicians staying in them. In the past few months, the entrance fee to become a member of his Florida operation (Mar-a Largo) has increased from $100,000 to $200,000. Imagine how many deals his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, will be able to make on behalf of his family business. Trump’s next overseas trip will include a visit to the Vatican. Imagine how those big pictures of him with the Pope will look, when they get installed in the lobbies of his Hotels! My prediction is that this behavior will continue unabated for the next 4 years. Lots of opportunities for the Trump organization (and The Donald himself) will surface during that time.

    1. I agree with your perspective on “The Donald”. I am confused by your surprise about the ineffectiveness of the lack of response by the Democrats (who have no congressional power). What are your feelings regarding the Republicans who do control the congress and are the only constitutional check on a president? While possibly true that Democrats could be more vocal in pointing out the lack of response from the Republicans, I suspect that they do not want to make an issue that shouldn’t be partisan seem more partisan. In any event, you are right about the next four years. We can only hope that he doesn’t irreparably destroy the fabric of our country or blow up the world in the interim.

  2. I have a feeling little Donny Boy may have outsmarted himself on this one. The bucket is going to leak like a sieve. This whole thing harkens back to Watergate. Richard Nixon, remember him?

    1. Nothing is going to happen unless the Republicans step up. I have seen nothing that would indicate to me that John McCain, Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham or anyone (Richard Burr is a joke) else will step up when push comes to shove. They always fall in line with GOP orthodoxy even if it hurts the country if it works against the political interests of Democrats. We have seen this many times in the past. I hope I’m proven wrong.

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