About Me

My Life’s Journey

I grew up in rural coastal South Carolina as the 3rd eldest of 8 children.  My father was a laborer and my mother, after most of us had finished high school and moved away, worked as a seamstress in a local factory.   I was the first in my family to attend and graduate from college.  I attended Morehouse College in Atlanta and graduated in 1969 with a BS degree in Mathematics.  A few years later I earned a MSEE degree from Stanford University while working for Hewlett Packard as a Software Engineer.

While working for HP I served for a year as a Visiting Professor and NCA&T State University in the EE department.   After leaving HP I worked for AT&T Western Electric, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies and finally General Dynamics before retiring as a Software Engineering Manager in 2001.

My interest in writing grew during retirement.  I submitted many Letters to the Editor which were subsequently published and even had the honor to serve as a Community Columnist for our local newspaper.   Writing, for me, is therapeutic.   It provides an outlet and helps me to cope with the events in this rapidly changing world.

I have strong opinions on some subjects but remain open to new ideas, new ways to look at things and am receptive to constructive criticism.  It is with this view that the theme of this blog, “a place for thoughtful discussion” is formed.  I will share my views and look forward to furthering my personal growth by hearing some of yours.