Our Manchurian President

Our President-elect’s odd reaction to the relevation that the Russians orchestrated the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) computer systems and the strategic release of information designed to hurt Secretary Clinton and to help him is disturbing.  Given his history, the generally accepted explanation is that he is just being true to his ego-centric nature.  Any information that suggests that Trump is not as great as he thinks or that attacks his credibility is automatically discredited.  For the soon to be leader of the free world, that adolescent attitude would be concerning but, unsettling as it may be, an even more sinister explanation exists.  Could Trump could be, even unwittingly, an agent for a foreign power?  Continue reading “Our Manchurian President”

A Way Forward?

Last July, expecting no doubt a resounding defeat in the fall election, conservatives Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam wrote a sobering analysis, A Cure for Trumpism, of what was wrong with the modern version of conservatism in the US and provided an outline of how conservatives might change to remain relevant going forward.  I encourage you to follow the link and read the article.  The piece addressed trade and globalization, immigration, international security, taxes and the social safety net and in many ways tracked the path to the future desired by many of those of us on the left.  Now that the unthinkable has happened; Trump wins, the Republicans have control of both houses of congress and are poised to tip the balance on the Supreme Court; the question is what path will conservatives follow?

Needless to say, the signs are not encouraging.  The leadership team that Trump is assembling consists largely of corporate billionaires, retired generals and domestic hardliners, many of whom have a documented distorted view of the world.  Each day the news is filled with stories of changing alliances and growing instabilities abroad and radical proposals on taxes, opportunities for corruption and shredding of the social safety net on the domestic front.  Winning has a way of changing one’s perspective, particularly for those who tend to focus on today rather than on a future tomorrow.  Failure to heed the advice that stresses national interest abroad and national solidarity at home will insure that the win is merely a temporary, albeit possibly generational, setback.

A Letter To Republicans

Dear Republicans,

Are there any among you who are shamed by the blatant assault on democracy and social norms exercised by your representatives in Raleigh, NC last week?  Having lost a closely contested race for governor last month, the Republican led legislature called a special session to pass legislation that severely limits the power of the incoming Democratic governor.  At what point will you stand and say no to your party leaders who show no respect for any boundaries in their quest to gain and maintain power?  Remaining silent in the face of these actions and robotically giving them your vote during elections are nothing less than endorsements of the same. Continue reading “A Letter To Republicans”

The Coming American Corporatocracy

Viewing the current path of America, (and the world for that matter), I’m reminded of the 1975 movie, Roller Ball.  In it, the world is ruled by multinational corporations that simultaneously entertain and brainwash the citizenry using a futuristic game called Roller Ball.   Our free press, (which is actually not free but instead depends on ratings for funding), has been broadcasting the Trump Carnival Show (our Roller Ball) for the past 18 months.  This distraction enabled him to narrowly win the presidency in spite of losing the popular vote and to now begin to seed key government positions with billionaire corporate types, a few politicians who unabashedly feed at the corporate trough and retired military generals who chafed at the principle of civilian rule.

Continue reading “The Coming American Corporatocracy”

Mourning In America

As I begin this blog I am filled with sadness, anger, incredulity and despair; the full spectrum of emotions at the recent election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.   The enormity of that result cannot be exaggerated.  This is on the level of the world being found to be flat, aliens landing in central park or Big Foot being captured.  All of what we generally accepted to be true about the world has been shaken to the core. We accept that there is a wide political divide among Americans and that such divisions may lead to heated arguments and sometimes distasteful actions but for the most part we carry on with our lives with the belief that those in positions of power are sane and have a modicum level of responsibility not to blow up the world.  That assurance was based on the belief in the collective wisdom of the American people not to allow such a thing to happen.  Continue reading “Mourning In America”