Holding Enablers Accountable

It seems that every day we are confronted with a new outrage from our president.  One day he’s accusing the former president of illegally wiretapping him while he was a candidate, the next day defending a serial misogynist, the day after that, congratulating foreign leader on anti-democratic actions or outright killings of drug suspects.  Throw in the lies, faux pas, seeming ignorance of history and childish response via tweets to criticism and you get a view of the last 100 days in America.  All this is going on while in the background we have an ongoing FBI investigation into his campaign’s connection with the Russian interference in our election and his continued conflicts with his businesses and refusing to disclose the extent of his business connections with foreign entities. Continue reading “Holding Enablers Accountable”

Our Manchurian President

Our President-elect’s odd reaction to the relevation that the Russians orchestrated the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) computer systems and the strategic release of information designed to hurt Secretary Clinton and to help him is disturbing.  Given his history, the generally accepted explanation is that he is just being true to his ego-centric nature.  Any information that suggests that Trump is not as great as he thinks or that attacks his credibility is automatically discredited.  For the soon to be leader of the free world, that adolescent attitude would be concerning but, unsettling as it may be, an even more sinister explanation exists.  Could Trump could be, even unwittingly, an agent for a foreign power?  Continue reading “Our Manchurian President”